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Paul graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in the field of Aeronautical Engineering in 2013. During his study he completed an internship in China and finished his graduation thesis in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. Besides his study he worked as a software developer and he was involved in the student Dreamteam Human Power Team Delft & Amsterdam acting for one year as project-leader. 

in 2016 Paul finished his master at the TU Delft in the field of Material Science & Engineering and graduated in the Novel Aerospace Materials group (NovAM). Here he worked on the development of new carrier systems for corrosion inhibitors in order to enhance their release properties when applied as anti-corrosion coatings on metals.

This year Paul finished his PhD at NovAM on the hand-in-hand development of new anticorrosive coatings and evaluation technologies under the supervision of Dr. Santiago J. Garcia and Prof. dr. ir. Sybrand van der Zwaag. During the last year Paul started to explore the commercialization of his work together with Santiago Garcia and NovAM to see how new optical and electrochemical techniques can be used to monitor and evaluate local corrosion processes and de life-time of coatings under industrial conditions. 

Paul Denissen

Founder of Correlimage