Graduation Projects in collaboration with NovAM

The foundation of Correlimage was created within the Novel Aerospace Materials Group (NovAM) at the Delft University of Technology. Also during our current startup stage we stay in close collaboration with NovAM and keep track of the latest development in academia by creating new research projects together. The aim of NovAM is to develop new materials with unusual combinations of properties for future use in air- and spacecraft. Starting from the molecular level, engineer at the microscopic level and test at (small) macroscopic level. This work is often experimental but combined with appropriate links to modelling.

Take a look at a selection of the current research projects we opened together with NovAM and get in touch with us!

From scientific technique towards commercial application

The corrosion Imager of Correlimage was developed within the group of Novel Aerospace materials as a simple and inexpensive way to obtain real-time electrochemical and optical information of the corrosion process of metals and coatings immersed in corrosive media. The setup and data analysis protocol allow obtaining a full set…

Modification of Algae Exoskeletons for Controlled Release of Corrosion Inhibitors

The aerospace industry, together with several other sectors, depends highly on coatings to provide products with extended lifetime and aesthetics. A complete coating system typically consists of a pretreatment of the metal surface for enhanced adhesion, a primer providing active protection against corrosion, and finally a topcoat that serves as…