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From scientific technique towards commercial application

The corrosion Imager of Correlimage was developed within the group of Novel Aerospace materials as a simple and inexpensive way to obtain real-time electrochemical and optical information of the corrosion process of metals and coatings immersed in corrosive media. The setup and data analysis protocol allow obtaining a full set of characteristic parameters to monitor and study the evolution of surface-related macroscopic phenomena and their correlation to electrochemical data with spatiotemporal resolution in an automated way. Both the experimental setup as the software has been developed to display the optically detected results in a representable way.  These have highlighted the potential of in-situ optical analysis under immersion combined with electrochemical analysis. The use of the setup and software is currently limited, but could potentially be used for several different electrochemical tests (e.g. Impedance Spectroscopy, voltammetry and cyclic), other sample compositions (e.g. metals, coatings and ionic-polymers) and immersion conditions as well (e.g. high temperature, pressure, and acidity). 


You will explore the current experimental methods and possibilities of the optical-electrochemical setup. You will use the method on corrosion and coating model systems and learn how to interpret the data into quantifiable values. The goal of this project is to move the current lab-scale setup towards a system that can potentially be commercialised. This process might involve the redesign of the current setup, based on a list of requirements (e.g. material selection, improved use, and production processes), as well as developing new software tools that enables direct interaction and visualisation of the results while the experiments are being performed.

We are looking for

We look for a student with affinity in material science, experimental research, and product design who is interested to work on this multidisciplinary project, ranging from performing experiments to developing new software. As part of the project, you will be trained in the fields you are unfamiliar with and get the opportunity to learn and develop new techniques that will broaden your horizon.

We are offering

The position is offered at Novel Aerospace Materials group (NovAM) at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The NovAM group is truly international in composition and strives to be world leading in the fields of selected expertise; self-healing materials, smart composites and coatings, nano-structured polymers and metals by design. In our research we explore unconventional approaches, focus on fundamental concepts but also develop successful concepts to a level suitable for absorption by the industry. We have a strong track record in preparing our students for a further career in academic or industrial research.

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Leave your information here or give me a call (+31 6 45822094).