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Development of new local spectro/opto-electrochemical tools to study corrosion phenomena and coating properties

Corrosion in its essence is a electrochemical process whereby the metal tries to return to its thermodynamically favourable state by reacting with its environment. While the fundamentals on corrosion phenomena are widely accepted, models on mass/charge transport phenomena and molecular dynamics from a physical perspective are still under a lot of debate. In order to study these physical corrosion-related processes, several different local electrochemical techniques have been developed, such as scanning electrochemical microscopy, scanning vibrating electrode technique, and the scanning Kelvin probe. Apart from these local techniques, a relatively unexplored approach by combining spectroscopic techniques and electrochemical methods are currently under investigation by the Novel Aerospace Materials Group.


This graduation project starts with an literature study to become familiar with optical, spectrometric and electrochemical tools such as Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, μ-FTIR mapping and laser speckle interferometry. Furthermore, you will become acquainted with the requirements and challenges when these tools are combined to investigate certain corrosion phenomena.  You will be challenged to design and set up the experimental tools to execute experiments and analyse how these findings are related to corrosion processes and coating properties.

We are looking for

We look for a student with affinity in experimental physics that is interested to work on a multidisciplinary project ranging from molecular dynamics to the design and build-up of your own experimental tools. As part of the project, you will be trained in the fields you are unfamiliar with and get the opportunity to learn and develop new techniques that will broaden your horizon.

We are offering

The position is offered at Novel Aerospace Materials group (NovAM) at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The NovAM group is truly international in composition and strives to be world leading in the fields of selected expertise; self-healing materials, smart composites and coatings, nano-structured polymers and metals by design. In our research we explore unconventional approaches, focus on fundamental concepts but also develop successful concepts to a level suitable for absorption by the industry. We have a strong track record in preparing our students for a further career in academic or industrial research.  

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