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Paul Denissen wins grant Dutch paint industry

The Board of the Dutch Association of Paint Technicians (NVVT) has announced that PhD student Novel Aerospace Materials, Paul Denissen, is the winner of the NVVT Grant. This grant gives Denissen the opportunity to present his work at the European Technical Coatings Congress that is scheduled to take place in June 2018 in Amsterdam. In addition, he will also represent the Netherlands in the FATIPEC Young Scientist award competition for ‘the best young scientist contribution’. The selection committee indicated they were “very pleased with the quality of the submitted abstracts.”

Paul Denissen and his supervisor Santiago Garcia Espallargas work on the creation of a new inexpensive technique to measure the performance of coatings by monitoring the corrosion and corrosion protection by means of optical-electrochemical hyphenated tools. Their research has resulted in a better understanding of the corrosion inhibition and degradation processes revealing, in some cases, new information that could not be obtained by electrochemistry alone.

Read more about the work of Garcia Espallargas and Denissen: