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September 2018

Presenting at the NVVT Symposium: ‘ETCC 2018 Highlights’ and yearly general meeting

The European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) 2018 was organised in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam June 26-29, 2018. The meeting was for one time combined with the annual CoSi meeting, which is normally held in Noordwijk. The theme of this congress was “Towards a Bright Future, New Coatings Technologies”. Several Dutch companies and Universities contributed to this congress. In total 110 lectures and a big number of posters have been presented.

Because only a limited number of NVVT members were able to attend this congress in Amsterdam the NVVT would like to offer a number of these companies and universities the possibility to present their contributions for a broader (NVVT) audience.

Receiving the EUROCORR Young Scientist Grant 2018

The EUROCORR Young Scientist Grant is an award founded and presented by the EFC since 2016. Its objective is to stimulate interaction and collaboration within the international corrosion community, by providing financial support to junior corrosionists to enable them to visit and interact with other corrosionists at their home institute abroad and to discuss research issues of mutual concern relevant to the field. A special EUROCORR Young Scientist Grant Selection Committee makes the grant selection on the basis of brief proposals submitted.

Presenting at EUROCORR 2018

Presenting the work on exploring long-term protection at large damage sites in aerospace coatings using inhibitor and carrier synergies